My fellow bloggers are full of excellent ideas for this new year! One of them is to post a single word that describes their goals for 2012. I spotted this on Jenn’s blog today, and thought that I should probably do this as well. My main goal for 2012 is to live smaller and more efficiently, and so the word I have selected is: Reduce

Reduce is a great word to describe my goals for 2012 because it encompasses so many of the goals I have. I am looking to reduce spending, land-filling, and my carbon footprint as well as to reduce the amount of possessions I have. I did a great job of this when we moved from our old 950 square foot apartment into our new 550 square foot apartment, but I still have some more things I need to get rid of. Downsizing my apartment was not easy, but I know a lot of people benefited from my donations to GoodWill.

There you have it, one word to describe my goals in 2012.