What a week it’s been. Levi and I have completely moved into our new apartment, and have found a place for almost everything – including our two cats. (I still haven’t found a place for the stuff that I never should have packed in the first place – Yeah, I’m talking about you, giant stuffed penguin..) I was a bit nervous about whether or not I could get everything to fit in the new apartment, but after some down sizing and brainstorming we managed.

The new apartment is really nice. It isn’t the fanciest apartment, or the most updated, but it has some character to it. At first, being on the bottom floor was a scary thought but I don’t feel so nervous anymore. The bottom floor has a lot of benefits. For one, it was very easy to move into the apartment. It is also nice not having to carry our bikes up three flights of stairs after a ride. (Though, I must admit, I enjoyed how easy it became to climb the stairs without carrying my bike.) Living in the city limits of Tacoma has a lot of benefits as well. For one, we are a quick bike ride away from *everything *we need. There are a lot of grocery stores within 5 miles of our apartment, and there is even a Target less than 2 miles up the street.

With the new year, and the new apartment, I am hoping to bring some changes to my life. For one, no more extravagant spending. I really ought to be saving for my future with Levi, I would like to buy a house within the next 5-10 years and at my current pace that won’t be able to happen. Also, I would like to do more for the environment. I have already switched my cleaning supplies to eco-friendly and natural options, but I still have some room for improvement. First, I would like to switch to energy saving bulbs throughout my apartment. I also need to start recycling more. I don’t have an excuse not to with the new apartment, as just down the hill from us is a large recycling facility. Currently, I don’t recycle much at all, and I really need to start doing so.

One last thing I need to start doing more is cycling everywhere. I don’t think I will ever be able to live without a car, but I know for sure that I can get my refueling down to at least once per month – maybe, even less. I am not quite ready for the commute into work from the new apartment, as it is almost 10 miles. I am hoping that in a few months I will be able to make the trip, but for now I am going to stick to my car for commuting into work. Levi is already commuting to work; in my defense, his commute is only 3.5 miles round trip while mine would be about 20 miles. (Speaking of cycling, I hit my 100th mile this morning!)

That is pretty much it as far as life goes. I hope these next few weeks are a bit calmer than this last week has been. It’s time to retire to a night of watching TV, and then bed. Good night, and happy 2012.