It’s been a fairly eventful year for me here on my blog. For starters, this is the first year where I have blogged at least once every month, and often times, more often than that. This is also the year that I started blogging about more relevant topics than what I had for lunch, or what I felt about school. In 2011, I introduced a new series called “things I love” and subsequently got rid of it when I realized there were more product reviews on my blog than life reviews. I also, in 2011, started reviewing books that I have read and changed the appearance of my blog at least 5 or 6 times before settling on a design that enjoy.

One big thing that happened for in 2011 was the move away from shared web hosting to my own dedicated Mac Mini server. As I type this, my Mac Mini server is chugging along with an uptime of 52 days, 12 hours, and 35 minutes. Even though the dedicated Mac Mini is more power than I need, I chose it because it was a speedier option than shared hosting that gave me more than enough room to expand my web presence in the future. The Mac Mini was an excellent choice for because it is small and power efficient and an excellent value. A normal dedicated server would have cost three times as much to colocate and would use way more power. The Mac Mini is not only an economically viable solution to dedicated server web hosting, but it’s also an eco-friendly option.

With all of this in mind, I would like to take the time to highlight some of my most popular posts of 2011. This is where the “almost” comes in from the title, I started tracking this info in May of 2011.

Top 10 Posts by Page Views

  1. Book Review – Seriously…I’m Kidding by Ellen Degeneres – 37 views
  2. “Things People Search For – Pine Needles!” or “How to clean pine needles out of your carpets.” – 20 views
  3. Things I do instead of studying – 18 views
  4. Things I Love – KitchenAid 12 Piece Cutlery Set in Candy Apple Red – 14 views
  5. Flaws – 13 views
  6. Worst Migraine Ever? – 12 views
  7. Things I Love – Dyson DC 33 Vacuum – 11 views
  8. Things I Love – Apple iPad – 10 views
  9. Book Review – Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson – 8 views
  10. Interviews and the Future – 8 views

The above information isn’t too surprising for me. I knew when I reviewed a book like “Seriously…I’m Kidding” that it would bring in quite a few page views. Judging from the search terms, most of those views are from people looking for funny quotes and a few of them are from people cheating on their homework. One result that did surprise me was #2. I knew pine needles would be a hot topic when I blogged about them and how to remove them from your carpet, but I never imagined they would become my number two top post in 2011. (This is especially surprising when you consider that it was written only a few days ago.)

Top 10 Referrers

  1. Photography on the Net – 173 referrals
  2. Search Engines – 74 referrals
  3. Facebook – 64 referrals
  4. MacRumors – 22 referrals
  5. Twitter – 20 referrals
  6. – 7 referrals
  7. Digital Photography School – 5 referrals
  8. Bike Forums – 4 referrals
  9. – 4 referrals
  10. – 2 referrals

These results don’t surprise me too much. Though I suppose I should drop a big thank you to all of the websites above for contributing to’s readership.

**Busiest Day: **November 4th, 2011 with 76 page views

Busiest Month: October with 446 page views

**Month with the Highest Daily Average: **October with 14 average views per day.

Obviously, from the above information, we can see that has some room for improvement. Page views are pretty low compared to my peers, and to be honest, it isn’t surprising. There are times when I feel the topics I blog about just aren’t that interesting. I feel like my blog lacks depth. For example, when I decided to review products I focused on things I loved, and didn’t mix anything that I didn’t love into it. The result of this, was a very boring and predictable series of product reviews where people already knew my opinion before they even read my introduction to the product. In the future, I would like to change this by discussing products I don’t love and products that I don’t think are worth the time.

My biggest problem with my blog, is that I am too nice. Everyone who knows me personally, knows that I am not always a nice person. In fact, I can be quite a bitch sometimes. This doesn’t always come across in my blog, but when it does I feel that the content that results is of a higher quality. It is more “me.” Since this blog is called and not this needs to change. This is my blog, and I don’t need to sugarcoat my opinion of the world because I don’t want to offend people. If you’re offended by what you read here, than that shouldn’t bother anyone but yourself. This doesn’t mean I’m going to start leeching out negativity into the blogosphere by the bucketload, but it does mean that it might show up from time to time. Like right now. I just used the word blogosphere, and that word makes me want to vomit.

So there you have it, a year in review of my blog. Things are going to change a bit around here, no more shallow content. I am a real person, and this is a real blog about me and real blogs about real people should have real depth to their content. Lastly, I would like to thank all of my readers – both past, and present – for making me feel just a little bit more special every time I look at my stats and see one more view for that day.