82.01 miles.

Thats how far I have traveled on my bike since I fixed it up earlier this month. Today Levi and I rode to Sport Authority which, to our dismay, did not have a bike rack. (What kind of sporting goods store doesn’t have a bike rack?!) After we browsed around there we decided to go to REI to check out some of the bags they have. At first I was opposed to the idea, because I didn’t think I could make it there and back home. I am not very good with directions, or knowing where I am, and I didn’t realize we were actually really close! Round trip I am estimating we biked 12 miles. (I forgot to turn the cyclometer on from Sports Authority to REI.) I feel like I can probably do a bit more, but I’m definitely not going to push it too much at this point.

Levi and I are doing pretty well on our goal to start commuting without the car. I think that by the end of February, we should be almost completely car free. This is nice because, not only are we more active, we are saving a ton of money and contributing less carbon emissions.

We still aren’t to the point where we can commute easily to work. I am going to try to ride to work starting next week. The problem with my commute to work, is that it is almost entirely uphill – on my test ride yesterday, I was extremely tired when I finished and my heart felt like it would beat itself right out of my chest. This is why I am giving myself a few more days. Hopefully the rest of this week, and this weekend will yield some better results on my uphills.

Speaking of this weekend, Christmas is almost here. I am excited for the weekend. Hopefully we can make it over to my mom’s house early on saturday so we can start baking cookies and have them ready by that evening when we open presents with my father. Maybe we will make some sugar cookies as well as our regular chocolate chip. If anyone reading this could recommend a recipe, that would be fantastic.

There isn’t much else to say right now except for “I am tired.” I am thinking this might need to be an early night tonight. It’s funny that I can bike everywhere, but I can’t stay up past eleven.