You’ve, by now, noticed that it’s been oddly silent around here lately. I’ve been so busy with life that I just haven’t had a lot of time to blog lately! One thing that has been keeping me busy is a cold that I have developed over the last few days. I’m so exhausted from this cold that I just didn’t want to blog yesterday or the day before. Speaking of colds, I felt so bad yesterday morning that I couldn’t get out of bed – I’ve never been hit by a truck, but I’d imagine it feels like how I felt yesterday morning. I am feeling a lot better today, but I am definitely still sickly.

Life has been settling down a bit since the last few weeks and I have gotten all of our finances into place, we had a really large bill fall into our laps that resulted in the sale of two of my camera lenses. We are also selling a bunch of stuff on eBay, which is a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. Long story short, I am not stressed for the first time in weeks.

Speaking of stress, I managed to pull off a 97% on my last microbiology exam. I thought for sure, going into and waking out of it, that I was going to get a C or something. 97 is definitely better than a C, and I am certainly not complaining. I am excited because I am positive I will be able to get an A on the next exam and lab practical as well, which will give me a 4.0 in the course! I am trying not to get too cocky, but it is hard not to be when you got a 2.9 the last time when you needed a 3.0 – stupid microbes.

I have a job interview on Monday. It is for a groundskeeping position for an apartment complex. I am very excited about the opportunity, and I hope I can impress them. The last real job interview I had was almost six years ago at my current job, to say the least: I’m inexperienced at interviewing. I feel like the change of scenery will be excellent, even if it means working outside in winter! It gives me an excuse to buy new clothes, right?

Speaking of clothes. None of mine fit anymore. It is very frustrating to put on a shirt that I bought just a few months ago only to find it looks like a garbage bag on me. I suppose it’s a good thing, I have lost about 50 pounds since I started this weight loss routine. Speaking of which, I actually gained one pound this week instead of losing weight. I also let my diet slip a bit this week, and came down with a cold so I think my water weight is all out of whack right now. It’s a bit frustrating, not being able to get below 215 though. Maybe next week?

I need to go to bed.