As you have probably noticed by now, things have changed a bit around here. In my ongoing quest to provide the best experience possible to my readers, I have selected a new theme for this blog. On account of the fact that I can’t photoshop anymore and I lack even a basic understanding of modern web standards, I have chosen a pre-made theme again. The mistake I made with my last theme, was selecting a theme that was specifically designed to be the foundation of a pro photography website. As a result, my blog page was bland. This is mostly a blog, so the blog itself should be easy on the eyes – right?

Because of the new theme, the galleries are gone for now. I will be working on a new gallery section in the coming days and until then, sit tight. You will also be noticing some updated page formats as well. I have already updated my Depth of Field photography tutorial to take advantage of the features of this new theme and, I have to say, I love it. I have never been so proud of how the content of my blog looks.

Changing up my website isn’t the only thing that is going on in my life right now. This week an unexpected finance came up that required me to do something I didn’t want to do – sell two camera lenses. I have already sold my ultra-wide angle lens, and am in the process of selling my 30mm. I am still a bit frustrated that I am having to do this, but sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to. Because I had to sell my favorite lens, the 30mm, I am now left with only my 50mm as a primary lens. This is kind of limiting, but it isn’t anything I haven’t had to do before. If you don’t remember, the 50mm was my main lens when I purchased my 7D last February.

The most complicated thing about having to sell my lenses is not losing the lenses, it’s having to deal with the sale process. I am pretty shy, and I don’t like to deal with people. Negotiating the sale of a lens, shipping the lens, and then waiting to be sure the buyer is happy is nerve wracking for me. I think the worst part is keeping everything organized, and I am only selling two lenses! I can’t imagine how frustrated I would be right now if I had to sell more than two. No matter how upset selling my lenses makes me, I know that it is for a good reason. Also, to make me feel better, Levi has promised to help me buy some new lenses when the finances finally level out – Maybe even before this summer.

Work was ridiculous this week. Our cashless system was down so we were super slow all week. I think I had one shift that was longer than three hours, the rest I was sent home early. I don’t mind going home early from work, it gives me some extra time to relax and get ready for class afterwards. It’s also nice to be able to go home and get changed before I go pick Levi up from work.

That’s all for today I guess – I need to get to bed.