One thing that really annoys me, is when people abuse the things that they have. Something that annoys me even more than that, is when people abuse the things that are there for other people to use. Like when someone parks in a handicap spot, or when they use the automatic door buttons put in place for disabled individuals to use. Even worse, when they smash their hands into the buttons or when they kick them to activate them.

This kind of behavior really pisses me off, to say the least. The motors on those doors are meant to open a door for someone who can’t easily open it themselves – not to open a door for someone who is talking on their cellphone, or someone who simply doesn’t want to touch the door handle. Sure, go ahead and press that button if you have a huge box in your hand and you can’t get to the handle without dropping everything but don’t even think about it if you have a free hand or even a free finger.

Like all moving parts to anything, those buttons aren’t invincible, every time you press one it wears down just a bit more. Even worse, those motors aren’t designed to hold doors open all day. They are designed to hold a door open long enough for someone to get through, not long enough for five people to make it through the door, each one of them smashing on the activation button.

Many times I have seen people, in wheel chairs, enter buildings with these buttons on them without even touching the buttons themselves. If a man in a wheelchair can open a door and wheel himself inside, without the aid of a button meant to be used by someone in a wheel chair, then perhaps those of us with the ability to walk shouldn’t be using them either.

When I was a student at Central Washington University, I oftentimes saw the door to the student union propped open with a sign on the button that said out of order. This, being a high traffic entrance, was a button that was pressed by almost everyone who entered the building. On countless occasions the door was broken, and had to be propped open. How is this fair for the people who actually need to use the button to gain access to the building? Even now, at Tacoma Community College, this behavior still happens – and I take evening classes here. If I can still see someone abusing a handicap button during the evening, when there are only 200 people on campus then I can’t even imagine how many people use them during the day when there are thousands of people on campus.

I like to think that most people would be intelligent enough to understand why this sort of behavior is unacceptable, but they just aren’t that smart. When you abuse the privileges given to you, you’re just an idiot; when you abuse the privileges put there for somebody who needs them, you’re an asshole.