There are not many thing more annoying than your college upgrading their wireless network and then failing to test it on multiple types of machines. As I sit here, disconnected, I have to wonder what they were thinking. I pay a lot of money every year to take classes here, and I should be able to make use of all of the services included with my tuition. It is a bit silly that they didn’t check to see if MacBooks would be able to load the hotspots login screen but they went out of their way to provide documentation on how iPhones and iPads should connect. To say the least, I am more than a little bit disappointed. I have no way of connecting to the schools internet to download my lectures on campus without going to an overcrowded computer lab and then paying to much to print the slides in the school lab. It has been over a week since they told me they were “working on it,” but I honestly can’t see how they could be working that hard on it if it is taking them this long.

Aside from not having anything to do while I sit outside of my classroom waiting for my professor to arrive, everything is going well. I have had a relatively calm day today, I drove Levi to work like normal, I came home and took a nap like normal, I went to work like normal, and I picked Levi up from work like normal. I really don’t have a lot to write about today, but I figured I had better write something so I would have something other than reviews on my blog.

School has been pretty stressful lately. I’ve got another Microbiology exam next tuesday, and I am not ready for it at all. My professor has been lecturing on and on about something about autotrophy and respiration. The more he talked about this stuff, the more confused I get – I think I’m going to start cranking out the extra credit assignments for this next exam. I am doing very well so far, with a 96.5% in the class but I don’t want to take any chances.

The news has been pretty ridiculous lately. So much so, that I hardly even look at it these days. There is always something silly in the news – protests everywhere, crap going on in the middle east, something about some celebrity doing something that anybody else could do and never end up in the news because of it (here’s to you, Stephen Tyler…your face looks ridiculous right now,) some storm causing problems on the east coast (all while a real storm is causing real problems somewhere else,) that sort of stuff. You would think that the American world was ending every day by the sound of what gets reported. Right now on CNN, I am looking at an article about how Casey Anthony took the 5th 60 times – who honestly cares? That doesn’t have anything to do with me or my life. I wish these news agencies would stop trying to produce reality TV shows, and start producing news that is actually relevant to someone. The news about Casey Anthony is only relevant to Casey Anthony, and her lawyers and the woman trying to sue her. “Northeast recovers from October storm” – You would think that there was a dammed hurricane reading these news articles. Is it really front page worthy if they are already recovering? It’s been all of two whole days. If they get a news article, I want a news article: “Northwest recovers from October sunshine.”

Speaking of ridiculousness. Halloween brought a grand total of zero kids to our apartment, therefore I have a giant bowl of candy sitting on my TV stand. I have developed a lot of self control since starting my diet, but this might be the death of me. It has two of my favorite candies in it.. I think I will be able to resist, I might have to drop it off at my mom’s house just to be sure I don’t cave and eat it all. (I have this bad habit of eating junk when I get stressed about anything.) My mom probably won’t appreciate it, but it’s better than me having to keep the candy – at least somebody there will eat it.

I’m tired, I think it’s going to be an early night tonight. I guess this is all for today, hopefully I can remember to publish this when I get home. You know, on account of the fact that I can’t publish it now because of the wireless networking issue on my campus.

P.S. At the time of writing, my server has been up for three whole days! Three!