Things I Love - KitchenAid 12 Piece Cutlery Set in Candy Apple Red

I took a break from my reading to take some pictures for today’s thing – only to find that the photos on my memory card were corrupt! Fortunately I chose to write this entry earlier than usual, and as a result I was able to retake the photos while I still had access to daylight. And with that, here it is – my review of KitchenAid’s 12 piece cutlery set in candy apple red. With this review, I am going to start using a different format than some of my others while still covering the same topics. I feel that the old format was a bit restrictive. Click the read more link below for the rest of the review, as well as a full sized photo.

Stephen Battey

Stephen is a 25 year old amateur photographer, blogger, and husband from Tacoma, Washington. He shares a cute ass house with his husband, cat, and two dogs. He generally hates all weather patterns.

Tacoma, WA