My mom is blogging now, and believe me when I tell you, she is putting me to shame with the frequency at which she churned the first three entries out. The worst part about it, is that her entries are so much longer than most of mine! She is putting me to shame. In fact, I just sent her a text, inquiring as to why she hasn’t blogged in a few days and she wrote

Funny thing, I’m doing that very thing right now

If she keeps up like this, her very own WordPress install might be in her future – after all, I’m going to have a dedicated server soon. I could host her blog easily.

Speaking of my mom blogging, it was difficult to teach her how but I think she has the hang of it now. The hardest part was teaching her how to actually make a blog entry. Perhaps I should have just pointed her in the direction of and told her she was on her own. She wouldn’t be showing me up if I had done that. As bad as it was teaching my mom how to set up her blog, it was even more difficult teaching my dad.

My dad recently ordered a game server for an upcoming first-person shooter, and he asked me to help him set up a website for it. That was a bit like pulling teeth. First I had to explain to him how hosting worked and how DNS works, and then I had to walk him through setting everything up on his hosting plan. (He went with HostGator, per my suggestion. He also registered through Namecheap, also my suggestion.) After doing this, we went through a bunch of pre made themes for WordPress and settled on one that he seemed to like. I still need to work on a background image for it and customizing some of the icons, but I still have time. I will probably work on that stuff this weekend.

I must admit, the only reason why I am even blogging right now is because I am cooking dinner and because I realized I hadn’t really mentioned my mom blogging yet. That being said, as soon as I am finished making dinner I am going to get back to reading.

I’m currently 98 pages into Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, all I can say about the book right now is that it is pretty intriguing so far. I was a bit skeptical that it would be a page turner but it really is. In the interest of not ruining the book review that I will do when I am finished, that is all I will say for now. Stay tuned for the review! Hopefully I can have this book finished and reviewed by next week. It isn’t exactly a short one.