Our Portland trip this weekend turned into a Portland and Silver Falls State Park trip after we had spent a few hours in the city and found we wanted to do something else before heading home. Silver Falls was gorgeous, to say the least. We didn’t have a ton of time to explore all of the trails. The one trail we did go down, Canyon Trail, was beautiful – we didn’t walk the whole trail because we got there at around 5:30PM and chose to walk back to the car around 6PM to avoid the sun setting on us. I wasn’t able to frame the waterfalls very fell in my shots, so as a result I have no pictures of waterfalls. I did get some pictures of some leaves and plant life around the trail, but that is about it. Overall, I look forward to going back again with my gear and maybe some better shoes. Slip-ons, mud, and cliffs don’t exactly go well together. Hell, my entire outfit was inappropriate for the trail. We arrived at home last night after driving a total of 385 miles.

When we got home, I sat down to work on finishing up the compilation of the server software on the Mac Mini I bought on friday. This morning, I finished all of the configuration this morning and shipped it to the colocation facility that it will live in! Come Wednesday or Thursday, my website should be hosted on it’s own dedicated server through Mac Mini Vault. I chose this company for colocation because their price was excellent in comparison to their competitors, and their support staff was excellent. I emailed Mac Mini Vault support three times with questions, and each time the response was timely and more than adequate.

What does this all mean for you? Hopefully, not much. The server itself will provide for faster access to the content on this blog, but other than that it won’t mean much for you, my readers. If you do notice many differences, it’s probably because I’ve screwed something up. I hope that I won’t screw too much up, but it is inevitable. I hope to provide some tutorials and advice for setting up and running a web server from the Mac platform as well as stories about my adventures in server administration on this blog in the future. For the most part, I have followed these tutorials verbatim. The only changes I made were some custom configuration options and the compile and install of eAccelerator all of which I will document here soon enough. I am going to stop myself here, before I bore you to death with anymore technobabble.

Something I haven’t talked much about lately on this blog is my Weight Loss. Since the start of my weight loss goal I have dropped 42.4 lbs, weighing in today at 225.6 lbs. I should probably have blogged more about this, but I have been stuck above 226 for about a week. I was elated when I stepped on the scale this morning and saw 225.6! Let’s hope that tomorrow the trend continues downward. I have noticed that the rate of weight loss has slowed down dramatically from when I first started. Even with the slow, I am still happy. When I started this whole ordeal, I wasn’t sure I could make it this far – now, I know I can make it to my goal weight of 200 lbs. Only 25.6 more to go!

I think I should end this one now. I need to get some reading done before I go to bed. I already have another book I am going to review, and if I ever want to get it done I need to get to it – I have a busy week ahead of me. It starts tomorrow with a dentist appointment to have my permanent crown put on, and then class all week followed by finishing up the transfer of my website to my new web server. The heavy lifting has been done, I just need to hope I got my DNS settings correct. I also need to figure out the best way to transfer the new posts over, there should be 3 or 4 of them by the time the server is plugged in.