I’m about to finish up another book for review, and since this isn’t a book review blog, I’ve decided to post a “real” blog entry. Seriously, I can’t have two book reviews in a row. That’s just ridiculous! So in the spirit of this blog not becoming a book review blog, let’s get started.

This week started like any other week – me forgetting to do my “Things I Love” entry prior to 11PM, me forgetting to cook part of dinner, and me forgetting that if I don’t do the dishes on Monday, they won’t get done. With that in mind, you’re probably wondering why I don’t just do the dishes now. My response? Because I don’t want too. I will probably get them done tonight, as the egg shells from Levi’s breakfasts are piling up. Also, it needs to get done before tomorrow morning when we will be packing up our lunch, cameras, and camera equipment for a trip to Portland, Oregon.

I really love Portland, it has a much different vibe than you get in Seattle. For one, the drivers don’t seem to be assholes. In Seattle, you can’t drive two feet without getting honked at. On my two trips to Portland, I have yet to hear a single car horn. Why some Seattleites seem to always be on edge, I am unsure of. Perhaps they are frustrated all of the time because, in order to get anywhere, they either have to go up steep hills, down steep hills, or around some of the sharpest corners ever. Also, let’s not disregard what can only be described as some of the most ridiculous intersections ever. (I find that when driving through an intersection, in Seattle, it is easiest to disregard traffic rules and just honk your way through..)

When we go to Seattle, I don’t like driving – I prefer to park my car somewhere and walk to where I want to go. We do this in Portland as well, but only because we’re there to see the city and not there for anything in particular. I feel like you can’t really appreciate the vibe of a city without walking through it – you just don’t get a feel for it while driving.

I think this trip is going to be a lot of fun. It’s always nice to take a mini vacation. And considering that two weeks of annual training robs Levi of his paid time off at work every year, we don’t get to take real vacations. (Though double paychecks is always a nice trade off..)

On Monday I am having my permanent crown put on my tooth. I will also be paying for my portion of the dental work. That means that I will officially be done with my parents insurance. And THAT means that Levi and I can finally register for a Domestic Partnership. I am pretty excited, I have been waiting for this for over two years. I was pretty upset when I found out that two of my fillings had also decided that October was a good time to make plans (in their case, it was moving out of my mouth.)

I am most excited for our future together. Some day we will have our own house, with a dog (no cats, please) and maybe a tiny human or two. The more I think about this future, the more I want it.