I’m sitting here, all finished with work, debating whether I should take a nap or read a book. Before shutting my laptop lid, I logged into my WordPress to see how many visitors I have received today. Then I saw something both awesome, and ridiculous as the same time – a new search term!

As can be seen above, some person found my blog while searching for chinese fonts. I am not sure how many hundreds or even thousands of web pages you have to go through to get to my blog while searching for chinese fonts, but I am pretty sure it was because of this blog post. Looking at the title, I can definitely see how a search engine might have listed me – but for someone to have actually clicked it? They must have been pretty desperate.

So here you have it: I’m sorry “chinese font” searcher, I do not possess what you seek. Though I might offer you some advice – if it isn’t on the first page, the chance of finding what you are looking for is awfully bad.