I spent the entire day today compiling software and testing out a local setup of an Apache, MySQL and PHP environment on OS X. As I am planning on deploying this blog onto a dedicated Mac Mini soon, I have been testing out possible server setups. At this point, I feel pretty comfortable with the self managed and compiled setup and the benefits outweigh the benefits of some of the other all-in-one options drastically. (Example, MAMP Pro.) In the interest of not getting too technical, I will write more about that later – probably when I actually order the Mini. For now, you just need to know that there are some major backend changes coming to the blog. I will probably publish a tutorial after I have everything set up, it will be based on another tutorial found here (except there will be modifications and corrections made.) I spent so much time doing this today, I forgot to write this blog entry! (I also forgot to cook the rice for dinner, oops..)

Now onto the real blog post! I firmly believe that a good pen is important for many things, especially school. Cheap pens often wear out, usually at the most inopportune time – like when your professor is erasing an equation that took up two board lengths and you were only halfway through it. (Jerk pens.) This has happened to me quite a few times. Over the years, in my search for a good pen, I have tried many. It wasn’t until last year when my friend Michele let me use one of her Sharpie Pens that I found one that I really loved. For the rest of the review, as well as the full photo, click the read more link below!