Levi, my severely dehydrated body, my extreme tooth pain and I all went on a trip to the Zoo today. It was fun, I like looking at all of the fish in the aquarium when we go. The animals are cool too, but they tend to smell a bit strong – something that I didn’t have much patience for this afternoon. I brought the camera along, because we were going to go see a glass pumpkin patch. The pumpkin patch was more like a “tent filled with blown glass pumpkins with extraordinary price tags,” so I didn’t take any pictures of them – it didn’t seem like an appropriate place to pull out my camera and take photos.

The pumpkins were pretty, but the costs were kind of high so we didn’t buy anything. I have a hard time justifying $40 – $85 on something so small and seasonal. I am not really a seasonal decorator – I usually find seasonal decorations to be a bit tacky to be honest. We didn’t even have a christmas tree last year. The combination of my distaste for seasonal decor and our stupid cats provided me with just the excuse not to put one up. (To put this in context, I have a fake christmas tree in a closet…but Bella destroyed it the first day it was up.)

Back to the Zoo. Last time we went, we neglected to visit the aquarium – my favorite part of the Zoo. To be honest, the little kid in me likes to pretend he is a scuba diver exploring the depths of the ocean; the grown up in me just likes looking at fish. I made sure the aquarium was the first thing we looked at today. I had my camera ready to take some pictures while we were in there. I took a few keepers. My camera struggled to focus in the dark aquarium, so not many turned out – and some of them, like the starfish above, were barely acceptable.

We left the Zoo to get some lunch at around 3PM (chinese, yum.) Not only was I very hungry upon leaving, but I had a big headache and my tooth was hurting. (In case anyone forgot, I had the initial work for a crown done on Monday.) When we got home I took some medicine and ate lunch and then took what could possibly have been the most well deserved nap ever.

It was an overall productive day, and an excellent start to the weekend. I even did some work on the blog. I changed the logo on the top left (which involved a font which probably cost a bit too much, considering what I used it for,) and changed the font and edited some spacing. Some of you might not notice the font change (unless your computer has Helvetica Neue installed) but the spacing should be noticeable. The space between the header and the content is no longer huge.