Things I Love - Barnes & Noble Nook

Hi folks! As promised, here is this weeks edition of “Things I Love.” This week we have the Barnes & Noble Nook, the touch edition. Reading has always been a passion of mine that was rekindled with the release of the previous generation of Nook. The Nook combines two of my favorite things – Technology, and Literature. The newest generation of Nook does this excellently, with the added benefit of combining the two screens of the original into one easy to use e-ink touch screen display. Click the read more link for a full photo and the rest of the review!

Edit – The rest of this post exploded.

Stephen Battey

Stephen Battey

Stephen is a 25 year old amateur photographer, blogger, and husband from Tacoma, Washington. He shares a cute ass house with his husband, cat, and two dogs. He generally hates all weather patterns.

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