5 weeks! I’ve managed to go on with something for 5 whole weeks! This is a big one for me. Naturally I chose one of my most favorite devices for the 5th week of “Things I Love” – my iPhone. I have always wanted an iPhone, in fact the original iPhone was available when I signed up for my first cell phone plan, but the unsubsidized price of the original was a bit high for me so I passed it up for a gorgeously red Blackberry Curve. The curve and many subsequent cellphones have suited me well, but a part of me always wanted the iPhone. Levi and I have been on Verizon for quite some time, and because of this the iPhone had been out of reach until the recent availability of the Verizon version. After much frustration with our Blackberries, we finally decided to switch to the iPhone. (You’re probably wondering why I didn’t choose android, the truth is – I have never been impressed with the design consistency of android, ugly software has always been an irritation to me.) Click the read more link below for the full picture as well as the rest of my review!

Edit There is no read more link. That’s because I suck. Oops?