You might have noticed recently that I have made some changes around here! Nothing drastic, only subtle changes that I feel help the blog look a little bit nicer.

The first thing I changed is the header. I made a simple typographical logo (the text in the top left), and I removed the dashed border on the top menu, and messed with the spacing a bit. I feel like the changes really help the site feel more put together. The way it looked before was nice, but I feel like the changes are just a bit better. I also messed around with some of the font settings, made fewer things bold! I don’t feel like a navigation menu needs to be bolded.

Something else I did was change some of the galleries around. When I added the previous galleries, I had only chosen a few of them simply because I needed something to fill the space and I didn’t have a lot of work up on my flickr account – now, I have a lot more work there, and I want to show it off on my website! After all, my website is the first place people come to see my work, why should they have to see old stuff that isn’t of the best quality? I feel like the current galleries show off my photographic style well, though there may be more changes in the future. My portfolio is always expanding.

I am very happy with how things look right now, and I think I am going to keep it like this for a while. There might be some additional tweaks that go through eventually, but for now I think it is just about right.

Speaking of changes, I still haven’t found a new job. I have been looking around, and applying but I just don’t get any call backs. It is a little frustrating, not getting callbacks. I think I may start filling out paper applications, and dropping off my resume instead of just applying online. I honestly don’t think anybody ever gets interviews when they apply online.

Levi and I are still on our diet. This morning I weighed in at 233 pounds, and I am starting to notice my clothes fitting a lot looser than they used too. I am happy that this is all working out for me. I didn’t think I was ever going to be able to lose the weight again, after I gained it all back my freshman and sophomore years of college. I have lost 30 pounds since we started this new lifestyle. We are also still eating as natural as possible. I had a diet soda the other day, because the vending machine had no water, and it made me feel disgusting – I had a headache, a bad taste in my mouth, and an upset stomach and that was only after drinking half of the bottle. I didn’t finish it, it just didn’t taste good.