Today makes the first day of the second week of school – I realized as I was sitting here with my MacBook that I have yet to blog about school in depth this year. Well, it started last week and there isn’t much to say about that – just the usual syllabus stuff, and getting to know people. I am only taking one class at the moment, that one class being microbiology. This is my second time in microbiology, my first time culminated with an unfortunate grade of a B- (just under the requirements for entry into the nursing program.) So here I sit, an hour and a half early, waiting for class to start.

Taking classes over results in a special kind of boredom. The first time I took this class, I remember being excited for tonights lab so I could see if I grew anything. Today, I am not excited at all, and I can not wait for class to be over with so that I can go home and salvage what is left of my night. As I sit here, I am already anticipating the same old lecture, the same old bad jokes, and the same old stupid questions from students who somehow manage to get this far in their college studies. (Tell me again, how someone can make it into a microbiology class not knowing what a symbiotic relationship is…?)

I can’t really be surprised or disappointed by the way this quarter is turning out. I already knew it was going to be like this from my experience in retaking A&P 2, and it really is my own fault that I am here at this time – retaking this class. This time around I am going to do things differently. No more sitting up at night playing World of Warcraft when I should be studying, no more browsing the internet in the middle of lecture when I should be taking notes. This time I am not being brought down by a B-.

Hopefully at this time next year, I will be sitting outside of a classroom that actually has something to do with nursing and my future career. Hopefully. I have a newfound motivation to complete school. Partly because I am tired of it, but mostly because I am really excited for my future, and I want to get there as fast as possible. Not just my future, but Levi’s as well – our future.

Speaking of Levi – with his Wednesday class, and our only having one car I will need to figure out something to do on Wednesdays. I am thinking of bringing the MacBook to school everyday so that I can use it to blog with, and study from school. We will see. This one car thing could mean more blog entries! Maybe a 4.0 in microbiology as well?