It’s Monday again, and that means another installment of “Things I Love,” this weeks thing is my vacuum cleaner – the Dyson DC 33. Let me preface this review by stating that this vacuum is amazing. As any cat owner will tell you, two things are very important for being happy with your pets. One, a plentiful supply of good cat litter – and two, a good vacuum to clean that cat litter out of everything.

When we moved into this apartment, I did not have a vacuum. We remedied this after 4 months by picking up a second hand vacuum at Goodwill for $8. I figured, for $8, how could I go wrong? Well, as it turns out, the vacuum was very clogged when we got it – with pine needles. I figured that the previous owners had vacuumed up their christmas tree mess and the cleaner never functioned again for them so they took it to Goodwill. After a good cleaning, I had it running again and it served me well. That is, until Bella came around.

Bella is a very jumpy cat, sometimes a bit paranoid – usually, she leaves the litter box by jumping out of it, flinging pebbles of cat litter everywhere. This cat litter eventually makes its way deep into the carpet, something my $8 cheap vacuum couldn’t handle. I dealt with it for a while, until we adopted our other cat Peanut. Peanut, picking up after of Bella, also leaves the letterbox with a jump, flinging cat litter everywhere. This was my breaking point, I was tired of walking on cat litter. Continue reading by clicking below.

Edit – This post isn’t coming back in it’s entirety. Oops?