I log in to my blog every day to look at the visits I get. It usually isn’t a lot of visits, but anything counts. I also take a look at some of the ways people get to my blog – the things that they search for. Looking at their search terms, I sometimes wonder how many pages of google they went through to get to my blog – I also start to feel bad, because my blog was probably one of the webpages they loaded and left in disappointment.

One of the terms this week is “‘Machine Design’,” I am pretty sure that particular person probably ended up on either my iMac review, or my KitchenAid mixer review. Really, probably not what this individual was looking for. I guess this is how blogs work though. I can’t imagine most people end up on a blog and find what they were actually looking for – especially mine! I try to make it worth their time, but who knows how many people stay to look around. Part of me knows that I could find out, and the other part of me is too lazy to do it.

Some other search terms I see pop up periodically are “things to do instead of studying,” and “how to clean off gak.” Of these two, at least the gak article is somewhat useful – I described an honest attempt of removing gak from carpet, and I hope this description helped whoever needed it. As for the “things to do instead of studying,” I hope this person wasn’t looking for alternatives to cramming..because my article was about how I avoid studying like the plague and then cram the night before. Go me?

I am sometimes not sure how to feel about the fact that my life and this blog could be the bane of someones google existence. Sorry?