Holy blog neglect! It would seem that all that happens here is product reviews if you look at the last few posts. Oops? When I came up with the idea of doing a weekly product review, I didn’t realize that it would be the only thing I would post. And considering that just won’t do, I supposed I just need to blog more – eh? So here we go!

I made cookies today, despite the fact that I don’t much care for baking. Baking for me is a battle between not making a mess, and not screwing up the recipe. Usually, I do both. Today I managed to only make a mess, which is a nice departure from the norm. I even made frosting, which was delicious, but it didn’t come out as “pretty” I wanted on the cookies. Whoops? They don’t look terrible, but they aren’t going to end up on a magazine! They’re also only 215 calories per cookie, which is nice.

School starts tomorrow, and we have not bought our books yet. I have all of mine, fortunately, but Levi still needs a few. I don’t like buying books because they are so expensive. Also, the Tacoma Community College online bookstore has a horrible designation system for what is required and what is optional – “R” and “O” are obvious, but there are a couple that I have no idea about, so we wait until the first day to get the syllabus.

This quarter I am retaking Microbiology. I expect to get a 4.0 this quarter, simply because the B- I received the last time I took the class was horribly depressing. I am going to try a lot harder this quarter, and do all of the extra credit.

The weather is getting colder, it seems. Feels like fall already. Fortunately, summer gave us a few warm weeks at the end – though it would have been nice if it hadn’t left so abruptly. I wouldn’t have minded if it had lingered a little instead of throwing water at us and taking away all of the warm. Jerk seasons.

Levi and I have both lost about 25 pounds since we started dieting. I weighed in at 238.8 lbs this morning. I am excited that the weight is coming off, and look forward to being back down to 200 lbs – maybe before next summer! We will see. I feel a lot better now, eating healthier really does make you feel good. We have cooked at home almost every day for the past 6 weeks, it feels nice to use my kitchen.

That is all for now, hopefully these cookies taste good to people other than myself! I will find out shortly.