As I sit here, with the taste of metal in my mouth from a new filling, I realize that it is time for another installment of “Thing I Love.” Two weeks in a row is pretty good! This week, we have the KitchenAid Ultra Power Mixer – in red! Let’s start with a little back story.

I’ve wanted this mixer since I first saw it, but the price always threw me off a bit – it’s expensive, at $249. The price does get you quite a bit. For starters, you get a durable mixer – this thing is heavy and is constructed with metal, not plastic. You also get convenience for the price – hand mixers are loud, and tiresome to use. Spoons? Even worse! This mixer solves that problem. I used this mixer to make pizza crust dough, and it was ready in about 5 minutes – something that would have taken much longer by hand. Overall I am pleased with this product, and am so happy I made the purchase. Did I mention that it’s red?! Click the link below for full picture and to read more!

Edit – The rest of this post disappeared, to sum things up: Buy this product.