So, I figured I couldn’t just let today go by without writing a blog entry – after all, it is the 10th anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks.

I remember the day pretty clearly. It was the second week of school for me in 6th grade, I was in my first period english class – I was already nervous about being in middle school for the first time. A teacher rushed into the class room and told my teacher to turn the TV on, and that it was really important. I remember feeling scared, as the teacher turned the television on to the news and seeing smoke billowing out of one of the towers. I remember feeling scared, as we all watched the second plane hit the second tower – live. At the moment, none of us could really say anything, we were not sure what was going on.

All we knew was that something terrible had happened – none of us could put a grasp on what it really was, or if it was real. As we watched the towers fall, most of us were so frightened that we were staring out our windows, flinching at the thought of airplanes above us. Eventually, the teacher had to shut the blinds.

The school’s principal got on the intercom about an hour later, and told all of the teachers to please turn off their televisions, and get back to work. As you can imagine, nobody felt like working. Most of the day was spent talking about what had happened amongst each other, deprived of seeing anything fold out on the news. When I got home, I watched the news all day with my parents, and my siblings – my father went out to buy a newspaper.

Looking back, I can see why it is so important to remember the incident – to keep it fresh in our minds. Forgetting 9/11 would be doing a disservice to all those who have lost something because of the attacks. Be it the families who lost their loved ones, the first responders dying from cancers, the soldiers dying from gun fire. I can also see why it is so important to continue fighting against terror. Just because some of the terror it isn’t on our home soil, doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

Somewhere in the world, someone is a victim of terror as I type this – forgetting 9/11 is doing a disservice to that someone.

While we can all see the bad from 9/11, we should also look at the positives – a middle-east that is overcoming the oppression of their governments, a middle-east that is fighting for human rights, a world that is supporting them – together. We have lost so much, but when you have lost so much the only thing left to do is take it back.