Yesterday, we spent the day in Seattle. I finally got to take my camera down to Post Alley – something I have wanted to do since the first time I saw the alley. It was a lot of fun, one of my favorite types of photography is urban. What is more urban than an alley plastered with flyers, graffiti, and gum.. I used my 30mm the entire time, I feel like it really performed well for me. All of the photos I took were pretty sharp and the colors were very vibrant, even before I enhanced them.

We came home from Seattle at about 4pm, and relaxed before we went to the gym. We have been going to the 24 Hour Fitness inside of the Lakewood Towne Center for about a week now. I like this gym a lot more than the LA Fitness we were members at before. This gym has a lot more windows so it isn’t as dark in the aerobic equipment section. The LA Fitness used to be a movie theatre, so as you can imagine there are very few windows – it’s dismal, to say the least. Levi and I have been putting 1 hour workouts in every day since Monday.

We’ve also been eating at home for the most part. I have been actively looking up new recipes that are healthy, and not full of vegetables. I’m not a vegetable person. Tonight, we are having teriyaki chicken skewers with rice. I’ve never made anything like it before, but I have been grilling chicken a lot lately so I think I will manage. I’m going to marinade the chicken in teriyaki sauce, which I have never done before. Hopefully it turns out good and doesn’t burn. We will see.

Now to get into the exciting stuff – We have each lost about 10 pounds since we started dieting. The weight loss was pretty rapid for the first half of the week, but is now starting to slow down. Thank goodness. It’s only been a week and already I am increasing the weights and resistances on the machines I have been using. For now I have been focusing on the elliptical and weight training for my chest and arms as well as my abdominal area. I feel a lot better since I’ve stopped eating unhealthy fast food every day. I am still eating fast food at work (kind of unavoidable..) but I am making intelligent decisions about the food I eat. I’m no longer eating french fries, only apples, and I am choosing chicken over beef – and most importantly, no fried products! I have been adamantly avoiding fried foods.

We have also been focusing on good ingredients. I have almost completely cut out artificial sweeteners, trans fats, artificial flavors, and other bad things. The only problem I have now is that I have a lot of products lying around that still have that stuff in them. I will probably offload some of it on my friends later. I have a few who would love them. I have like 100 Splenda packets that I won’t use because, aside from the occasional Starbucks drink, we have only been drinking water – and lots of it!

I am pretty happy with the way things are going right now. Hopefully next week I will have even more progress to blog about.