It’s August!! And I haven’t blogged yet.. I suppose this isn’t as bad as when I didn’t blog until the month was already half over. Now..where to start?

I have been applying for jobs like mad. It started with my current boss disregarding some concerns I was having about work, and me getting very upset over it. That night I filled out a job application for a position as a Leasing Consultant. I went to buy some clothes to wear for interviews later that night, and in the morning found out that the job posting was old. (After I had spent almost $300 on clothes, including a new pair of shoes to wear.) After that, I was a bit disappointed. I was really concerned with how a company could leave a job posting up on their own website after the position had been filled.

I decided to not let it get me down too much, and last night I filled out four applications. I haven’t received any call backs on those four, but today I filled out a few more and made some calls.

One of the positions I called for today ended up being for a company called Sea Tac distribution. Going into it, I thought the listing was a little sketch – the listing didn’t have any company info, only that it was a sales position and you didn’t need any experience. It also listed $1800 dollars as compensation but said nothing about what that meant. Levi warned me going into it that it might not be a legit place of employment. When I got to the interview, the woman who interviewed me seemed hesitant to tell me what the company actually did, or what the position I applied for was.

All she could say was that “you will assist customers in their homes with our products,” but she never said what the product was. She also was unable to comprehend that my start date was “two weeks from date of hire.” She insisted that I call back in two weeks to see if their were any positions open. I don’t think she quite understood that I meant I needed to put in a two weeks notice, and that I wouldn’t do that without a reliable job lined up to replace my current job.

When I got home, Levi told me that Sea Tac Distribution is a company that hires people to sell vacuum cleaners door to door. The job is completely based off of commission, and when I did further research I saw a lot of bad reviews stating that the company doesn’t always pay up.

I am happy I didn’t take this position.

I have another interview with another company tomorrow after work that I am pretty excited for. I failed to get the company name, but we drove by the office and I got it from there. I won’t publish it just yet, but maybe later if I get the job. I will ask tomorrow when they send a confirmation call of my appointment. This interview is for a receptionist position, but they also have management positions available on a pretty high salary. I wouldn’t mind the salary, but I am not too sure if it is something that I would be interested in yet – I don’t really know much about the company yet.

I really hope I get this job though, I am pretty excited about it. Through, if it falls through, I sent four additional applications today – on top of this one.

We will see.

This is my 101st post on this blog since the reopening! I didn’t even realize that my last post was the 100th. Lets hope I can keep this going for 100 more!