Levi and I took a trip to Mt. Rainier National Park this morning. We had a lot more fun than we did last time – probably related to the fact there wasn’t a 10 foot snowpack blocking the roadway up from the visitors center this time around. It’s amazing how much better it is when you go in late July, instead of late October.. whoops?

The scenery was beautiful. The last time I was there at a time of year where the scenery could be enjoyed, was when I was very young. Probably around the age of 5, as my little brother wasn’t even alive yet – possibly younger. At that age, all I really cared about was the bucket of chicken strips my mom had prepared for lunch that was sitting in the back of the van.  I couldn’t have cared less about where we were going – all I knew was that there was chicken waiting for me when I got there.

I feel like it’s impossible for a child to actually enjoy Mt. Rainier. The mountain itself is too large to actually view from the visitors center, and it doesn’t really photograph well from there. Today when we went, it was shrouded in clouds, but the surrounding peaks were very visible, and they really stood out against the partly cloudy sky. I feel like clouds in the sky like today are perfect when doing landscape shots, they add a lot of interest to the photos I took. I like to emphasize the sky when it is really dramatic like it was today.

On our way out of the park is when I took all of the pictures I took today – on the way in I was too busy scoping out view points to actually stop at any. I am very glad we stopped on the way out to take pictures, I almost didn’t want to. Had we not, we may have been involved in a pretty gnarly accident that we, seemingly, just missed.

Right after we exited the park, we came to a stop behind some cars that were being stopped by a man standing in the middle of the rode. In front of us all we could see was a few people in the rode, 3 cars on the side, and the trees lining the curve in the road ahead of us. Shortly after, an ambulance showed up, and then after that a fire truck from the opposing direction. We were eventually waved through, and what we saw was quite depressing. We had been stopped for about 10 minutes before we saw what was going on – on the road was a woman who they were performing CPR on.

I am unsure of whether or not the woman is OK, hopefully she came through after we passed the incident.

n the way home we pulled over for not one, not two, but three additional ambulances, an additional firetruck, and an emergency response pickup truck.. This leads me to believe the accident scene was a lot worse than the one woman laying on the ground. I quickly looked away when I saw her, I didn’t want to be rude.

That pretty much sums up my day. This weekend was pretty fun, I went with my mom yesterday to get presents for my niece’s first birthday, and spend the day there. We had an extremely fancy dinner that consisted of turkey loaf for my brother and I, and stir fry for her and Levi. (I’m not too fond of anything in stir fry..sue me.)

Hopefully next weekend is nice too. After all, I am going to need to wash my insect encrusted car.