It’s the 17th of July…and I have yet to blog this month. Damn, I’m bad.

Well, here it is! The entire month has been pretty boring, not much to say about it. I took the camera out once to revisit the rose gardens, that was fun. I have fallen short on my diet…like always, and my house is messy again – even though I spent a week cleaning it while Levi was away in South Dakota. When I get home, I just can’t get myself to clean. I think it might be related to my job taking so much energy out of me. Or maybe I am just lazy.

I visited my mom today. She wanted me to fix some chairs. While I was there I took the liberty of cleaning off some stuff that she can’t reach. Really, my brother should probably be the one to dust off the ceiling fans, but he doesn’t do it so I did it.

Levi bought me a PSP go the other day. I quite like it, but to be honest I have only downloaded one game and it is a playstation one game. (Final Fantasy IX) The game is a lot of fun, had I had a playstation back in the day I would probably have played it before now. Unfortunately, my playstation days started with the playstation 2 so I never got to play some of the classics! Though, I must admit, Final Fantasy X was one of the best games I have ever played – The Sequel? One of the worst.. Let’s not even get into how terrible XIII was. I am still waiting on my 3 game voucher that came with the system, hopefully that arrives in my inbox within the next week. If not, I’ll give sony a call.

I had the oil changed in my car last week. I was a little worried at first because the dealership I purchased my Aveo from was acquired by Titus-Will. I wasn’t sure if they would still honor my oil change card – they did, and let me tell you! It is even better now that they are owned by Titus-Will! They gave me a free car wash and used a better quality oil than they previously would use.  I was pretty happy to have my car washed – it had been a while. I also cleaned out the inside of my car really well, I’m not going to let it get so filthy again. I have a nice car, I should take better care of it.

What else…

I finished all of the TV show Hoarders this week. I was pretty depressed when I found out that it was all over. That show was pretty good, though disgusting at times. The last episode that was on netflix was crazy – some guy had like 2000 rats in his home. So nasty. They gutted the entire home trying to get them out without killing them and they still missed a bunch.

Levi and I got iPhones! We love them so far, I realized as soon as I activated mine how much I has always wanted one. I didn’t get one when they came out because they weren’t subsidized, and then I went to t-mobile when my contract with AT&T was up. And after that, we went with Verizon, who didn’t have the iPhone when my upgrade came up.  I got the white one, I love it. So much better than my Blackberry. My blackberry was great, but the operating system on the phone was just so dated. I love the keyboard, and the device was beautiful, but it just wasn’t as good as the android phones I had been using prior. And to top it off, it was freezing every day. If all I used my phone for was text messaging, it would have been fine. RIM really needs to pull it together if they want to compete.

Other than all of that I don’t have much to say. I’m going to try to blog more often. At least once a week – maybe more. We will see.. Maybe I will set up a reminder in my phone to yell at me at about 5 PM every friday to sit down and talk about my week.

Speaking of blogging, that article about Hot Yoga actually brought in a visitor.. I feel bad for them ending up on my blog – probably not what that poor individual was looking for!