Today marks the first day of my plan to lose weight. My first goal is to drop 20 pounds by August 27th. I think I can do this. My weight as of right now is 263 pounds. That’s a lot, especially considering only 4 years I was a lean 205 pounds. This is part of my overall goal of losing 60 pounds within a year. I’m planning on using the Wii Fit and other routines to achieve this goal, as well as making healthy choices for food.

Lets talk about the Wii Fit. I started it up tonight and did its silly balance tests, and proceeded to put in my height as well as my weight. After I had done this, I patiently waited while the Wii calculated my BMI and proceeded to call me obese. It was OK, because I knew it was going to do it. I can definitely see how this could anger someone, though.

After doing the Wii Fit intro stuff, I proceeded to do some light aerobic exercise and smash all of Levi’s scores on the hula hoop stuff. The hula hoop was fun, but I definitely felt it while I was doing it, further instilling in my mind how out of shape I am.

The two of us also did some yoga. Levi thought it would be a good idea to watch a video called “Hot Yoga” on Netflix.

Let’s talk about “Hot Yoga”….

“Hot Yoga” started with a lovely introduction video featuring three young men doing various poses, with closeups of, well – the goodies. After this they did some legitimate yoga poses for about half of an hour, with a narration by a soft voiced female. It wouldn’t have been all that bad except the producers of the video definitely saw fit to use poses that emphasized the bodies of the three young men…who where wearing nothing by white thong underwear – needless to say, I was expecting this so I tried not to take it too seriously. Half of my time was spent laughing at the poor production quality.

Needless to say, “Hot Yoga”, was obviously produced for enjoyment and not for fitness purposes. The problem was, it wasn’t all that enjoyable…just weird.

I look forward to more of a workout tomorrow. Tonight I put about an hour in, half from the yoga and the other half from the Wii. I thought about hopping on the Ab Lounge but I decided I was a bit tired for that.

For the rest of the night, I feel a shower is in order, and then bed. Tomorrow I have an always busy day of work before I can come home and do some more workouts and then relax.