So I had a long post written, and then I hit the cancel button on accident.. whoops.

I decided to cut my 365 day project short, after realizing that the last few pictures I took were crap. I found myself waiting until the last minute to take the pictures which was stressful. I feel like I was just wasting my time by taking a bunch of crappy pictures. Who really wants to see garbage pictures?

Maybe I will think of something else to do instead. Like a weekly project, where I take one picture a week. I don’t really need to take one photo every day to improve my photography, it doesn’t really help improve anything. I’m already familiar with exposure, and composition, no need to force myself to do it every day.

I think I can be a lot more creative if I don’t force myself to produce one photo every day, but instead focus on one piece per week.. We will see. At this point I’m not feeling very driven to do anything.

Levi has been gone for almost a week at this point. It was a pretty lonely weekend without him. I found myself cleaning the apartment this weekend to pass the time. The good news, is that my apartment is super clean, the bad news – I’m not so sure I can keep it this clean for long.. Already there is cat litter on the bathroom floor (jerks), dishes in the sink, and dust settling on the furniture. I sort of set myself up for that last one, who buys black furniture? If I had known at the time..things would be different.

Anyway, it’s bed time for me, I have to go to work tomorrow after a long weekend, and I am going to need some rest.