It seems I have developed a habit of not blogging. This might not be a “bad” habit as I have been, for the most part, doing productive things instead – like studying, cleaning, taking pictures, and building a soft box.

I would like to elaborate on that last thing, as it is the most exciting of the items in the list. On Sunday I had the wild idea to build a soft box. I built the walls of it out of foam board and duct tape and attached paper to the front to diffuse the light from my flash gun. Overall it worked really nice, but it is unfortunately not finished.

To finish it off, I still need to make a mounting bracket and order a light stand and a bracket for a flash gun to attach the soft box to. For the test shot above I had the soft box hanging off of my flash, which isn’t very effective. The box is heavy and doing it long term would damage the flash head. This is why I need a bracket and a light stand, that way the flash can just be attached to the back and the weight of the box will be on the light stand.

Speaking of photography, I am 40 days into my 365 day project. I’m doing a lot better than I did last time! Hopefully I can keep this up.