…that sucked..

Levi and I had an exam today, and let me tell you – we didn’t do too hot.

Whoops? I may or may not have scored an 80.. It doesn’t sound bad, until you get to the part where I need a B in the class to get into nursing school. It gets even worse by the time you realize that this is the second and last chance I can take this class. I am pretty sure I can still pull a B off, but this 80 isn’t going to help me any. I’m not to happy about it, either.

The worst part is that if I cant do it, I don’t have a backup plan..

I tried having a backup plan before, but it seemed like everyone didn’t like the idea. It’s like the world is only happy if Stephen goes to nursing school. But the world never stopped to ask Stephen what would make him happy. It pains me to write it, but I made the decision to change schools and career paths for everyone in my life, and not for myself.

Now I am torn between doing what I want, and doing what everyone thinks I should want and not knowing where to draw the line. If I cant pull off a B, I am going to be faced with a very real $25,000 student loan on my shoulders. Unless I can pull something else off.

So what do I do?