If you’re still with me after that title, I’m impressed.

Levi and I went up to Seattle today to take some pictures, after what had been a relatively boring morning and weekend. We of course brought the cameras. I didn’t get very many shots, and we didn’t stay very long. Of the 10 or 20 shots I took, I had one keeper. There was a bit of a fog over the city that was very visible in some of the shots – it wasn’t very appealing. We left around 6PM and got some coffee from Starbucks on the way home – I had a White Mocha, so good.

When we got home we relaxed a little bit and ate a late dinner of pasta with Alfredo sauce and some weird cheese wrap things Levi thought up. The pasta was good..the cheese wraps? Not so much. It’s not that they were terrible, because they weren’t – it’s more that they didn’t really go with pasta..

After dinner I sat down and did my usual perusing of various message boards and Flickr – after a bunch of refreshing I realized that it wasn’t exactly an exciting day for the rest of the internet either.

After all that, I remembered that Lady GaGa released her new album today. I quickly logged into iTunes and purchased it. After listening to all of the tracks on the album, I realized that she had already released most of the good songs. I have to say, my expectations were not exactly met. I’ve come to expect great things from her but this album really underwhelms.

That’s right…I said it.

After listening to the album Levi and I sat down to do some studying. We covered the nutrition chapter tonight. I feel ok about it, but I definitely need some more review – and we haven’t even touched the digestive system.

It’s getting late and I should probably head to bed soon.