28 of 365

My new camera strap came in today, it is pretty much amazing. It is a gray and black houndstooth pattern, I got it from phat straps. I would definitely order from them again. It didn’t take long for them to make my strap and ship it out. I wasn’t expecting it to make it here by the end of this week, but it certainly did.

Speaking of end of the week, I have another exam on tuesday. Im not too excited about it. I have a ton of studying to do for it still. I hope I do ok on the exam. It is on a few of the more difficult chapters in the class – the digestive system, and the nutrition chapters. The trick here, is that the nutrition system wasn’t actually covered in class – we were expected to cover most of it on our own. This isn’t a huge problem, but it is going to complicate the studying process a bit.

Aside from my camera strap coming in today, not much happened. It was a pretty boring day. We woke up, I made some waffles, and then we took a nap, and then we got some dinner. Now, I am sitting down watching some documentaries on Netflix. I love documentaries.