23 of 365

As far as the days go, Mondays aren’t my favorite by any means – I detest them. Mondays mean going back to work for another week, and another week of school. It isn’t that I dislike my job or school or anything, it’s just that I’m super lazy.. I don’t like doing anything, unless it is something I want to go do on my own time. I guess what I am trying to say, is that I like my time to be mine, and not somebody else’s.

Speaking of my time, Levi and I went to Northwest Trek on Saturday. It was a lot of fun, and we donated $5 to get an adorable moose animal (pictured above.) The park was a lot of fun, we enjoyed riding to tram and I got some pretty cool pictures. It would be cool to go again, maybe in the fall when the leaves are changing on the trees.

I hope this week goes by fast, I am ready for the next weekend already. I don’t know if we will be doing anything, but it will be nice just to relax. I am thinking of watching some documentaries tonight and maybe going to target to get some more multivitamins/whatever else I see there and want to pick up/cleaning supplies/cat litter.

Speaking of cats, Bella decided today that my Diet Cherry Coke was best enjoyed in my lap. It is times like these when I have to remind myself that I love these cats, even if they aren’t super cute anymore.