1 of 365

Today we headed to my parents’ house for easter. We haven’t been there for a while, it was nice. My mother bought use pajama bottoms, which I like because it allows me to walk around in my underwear with the blinds open – yeah – I’m classy. We had a dinner of cheese potatoes and ham, before I had to call it a night – I had a psychology test tugging my ear all day.

I did well on the test, I got an 83% – not bad for not reviewing the material before hand.

I made some tea for Levi and I, it was nice. I don’t usually drink tea but I thought it would be nice tonight. Speaking of tea, the photo above is a special one – it is the first photo in my 365 day photo project. Well, I should say the first photo in my SECOND 365 day photo project. Maybe this one won’t be a miserable failure like the last one. I only have to last 21 consecutive days to do better than I did last time!

Look at me, I’m Mr. Positivity tonight!