It has been a while since I last posted, and obviously, things have changed around here. The last time I posted, I had a completely different theme up. I liked that theme – entitled “Shelf” – but it just didn’t fit the style of blogging that I do. As an amateur  photographer, I wanted something that would work better to display my photos. I feel this theme – appropriately titled “photography” – does just that. I like the feel of this one a lot, it is pretty high quality.

This weekend will be fun, hopefully. Rain or shine, Levi and I will be driving to Astoria, Oregon. We have a hotel room booked for the night of the 16th, so we can stay the night in Astoria. It won’t be that long of a drive, but I might want to stop places on the way down. I am pretty excited. I hope the weather behaves. If it isn’t pouring rain there will be a lot of pictures to accompany the trip. I will make sure we get a nice umbrella though, just in case.

Spring quarter is going on now. We had our first test in anatomy – I didn’t flunk it! I passed with a 90%. I was very proud of myself, I am happy to say my studying paid off. Levi passed his with an 82%, which is great as well. This is the first B he has gotten in the class.

I have a long day of work to get through tomorrow before I can start this awesome weekend. Tomorrow evening can’t come soon enough. I’m ready for this mini vacation.