"Oh crap, 3 weeks left?"

My new camera and lens arrived this week, and I love it. I had some initial troubles with my order but everything has worked out for the most part. The company I ordered from was willing to do a full refund on shipping after the problems I experienced. I received the refund in my  bank account this morning.

One thing that I haven’t received yet, is the bill for my order. Supposedly they should have charged me before they shipped my package, but it never happened. Maybe I am weird for wanting to pay them, but I feel it is only fair.

Edit – This post is missing a large chunk of text. It didn’t survive a platform transition.. oops?

Stephen Battey

Stephen Battey

Stephen is a 25 year old amateur photographer, blogger, and husband from Tacoma, Washington. He shares a cute ass house with his husband, cat, and two dogs. He generally hates all weather patterns.

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