Today was a beautiful sunny day. I got up this morning at about six thirty, had to work at seven. I didn’t realize it was going to be such a pretty day when I was driving to work this morning – it was so dark, and cold. I probably should have taken some pictures today while it was so sunny. I mean, how often during winter do we get sunshine in Washington? Not very often. Being a natural light photographer in winter, in washington, is sort of blah sometimes. Color tends to take a back seat. One technique I use during winter is to make my photos black and white. Since the sky is already overcast, they pretty much end up lifeless anyway. I have found that the best way to eliminate distracting color is to either desaturate it, or eliminate it entirely.

Above is what Levi and I will be having for dinner tonight…only there will be two boxes because one isn’t enough. I will probably add some crushed red pepper or something along those lines. I really do love crushed red pepper. I might even make some green beans with it. I like those too. I know it is kind of boring, but it is better than a drive-thru.

This has been an exciting blog post. To be honest, I don’t know why I am still planning on hitting the “post” button. I really think I am only writing this because I feel like I need too. I wouldn’t want to neglect my blog. Maybe somethings need to be neglected.

I am planning on editing this theme to put a footer widget area in – probably after I write this. I like footer widgets..I wish this theme worked well with them.