I made some pink lemonade a few minutes ago. I can already feel the heart burn setting in. Sometimes I feel like an old man – seriously..

Today has been a great day so far. I went to school this morning like I always do on tuesday mornings – only today I didn’t technically need to go. I went to check my prints for print making, to see if they were dry yet – of course the were not dry yet. Maybe next time I will have something to bring home and show on my blog. I stayed for a while to help some friends make their first prints. I was happy I could help my friends with their stuff. I hope their prints dry faster than mine.

I made my way into the dark room towards the end and worked on developing some prints from the negatives I processed the other day. The picture above is one of those prints. Making the prints is very time consuming, and in all honesty: smelly – one of the chemicals involved is vinegar. I spent about 30 minutes to an hour in the dark room alone and only got one good print. The other print I tried turned out really nasty. It was completely out of focus. I am pretty happy with the results. Maybe next time I will develop some more pictures from my negatives. I am really curious to see what comes out. Maybe I will average more than two decent pictures from each roll of film!

I left the dark room around 1PM, I was hungry and decided to head home for lunch. I made some lean pockets. They were pretty good. I’ve decided to stay home for the rest of the night and maybe do some reading or something. Today is a work day in photography so I don’t need to be there. This weekend I really need to take some pictures for the first project that is due. I have to take 4 pictures relating to an emotion using depth of field as a tool. Hooray, depth of field.