Today I developed film for the first time. The process really makes me appreciate the idea of 1hr photo labs. The entire process of developing the film into working negatives took almost two hours. From washing the film, to immersing it into numerous chemicals to washing it again and letting it dry – it was a very complicated process. The worst part? – The end result is only a negative. The best part of the process was unraveling my developed film to see 30 or so tiny photographs – much better than the black or transparent squares some of my class mates ended up with. On thursday we will be blowing the images up onto our photo paper. I hope I get some good images, especially at 75 cents a print. I suppose I will find out on thursday.

Print making was a bit frustrating today. I finally got to the part where I am carving my linoleum plate. I am definitely behind everyone else. I am going to try to catch up a bit on thursday. Hopefully I can do some printing on thursday, but it might have to wait until tuesday to get that stuff done.

The carving process is a bit of a pain. The linoleum plate is only so thick, and it is really easy to ruin it by carving too deep. Not only is the depth of the plate an issue, but the carving too can easily slip and ruin hours, days, or even weeks of work. By work, I really mean to say manual labor – using “work” is almost sugar coating it. The process is so aggravating and irritating that I decided to take a lunch break when my carving tool started to look more and more like a stabbing tool. As grim as it may sound, I got to the point where all I wanted to do was throw my work away and go do something fun. Maybe if the linoleum plate was a more exciting color, like red, it would have been more fun. Neutral gray isn’t exactly a staple of excitement.

Levi is still in class, he might not be done for a while. I am pretty bored at home. I feel like this entire quarter is going to be me sitting at home – alone. Or walking about taking photos – alone. Or carving dismal gray linoleum plates – alone. Marvelous. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go catch up with my enthusiasm – it seems to have gotten away from me.