I think my problem yesterday with photographing the Tacoma water front was that I was photographing the Tacoma water front. It is pretty uninspiring. On a winter morning, the last thing I want to be doing is walking along the water in Tacoma with a bunch of people staring at me while I take pictures – some of them even interrupting me to ask me questions. I don’t like people talking to me, especially when I am alone. It is creepy. I’m just not that outgoing.

Today, instead of going down to the water front, I went downtown. I parked in a very empty lot behind the museums. The parking was pretty expensive, and I probably payed for way too much time anyway. I am afraid to pay for a few hours, so I usually pay for an entire day. Shame on me. I walked around the city for a while, I like taking pictures of the ally ways and the areas underneath the over passes – I think these things are pretty. I also love taking pictures of the graffiti, and the dirt. Maybe I am weird?

At some point, after I exposed almost an entire roll of film on freeway over passes and started losing interest with the act of exposing film, I realized I wasn’t going in the direction I wanted to be going in. Once I got myself turned around and on the right path things got interesting again. I finished off the roll of film only to find myself looking for a dark place to wind up my film and load a new roll into the camera. Once I found a place and did all the camera maintenance I decided to reproduce a few of the pictures I had previously taken on trips downtown. I quickly found this not to be very interesting, because I already knew what these photos would look like – it just wasn’t very interesting.

I exposed half of the second roll of film and decided to head home. On my way home, I stopped at the grocery store for some supplies for dinner. When I arrived at home I cleaned the house a little bit. Overall, I would say it was a pretty good day. I was much more comfortable taking pictures today than I was yesterday. Picture wise, all of my shots today were done at 28mm. I like wide angle a bit too much. I had the opportunity to look through a camera with a 12-24mm lens on it last week – the 12mm focal length was amazing.

I work early in the morning tomorrow and I really should get some rest soon. I am a bit tired after a long day. After work tomorrow I may attempt to take some more pictures – on second though, I will probably just expose those shots in the photo lab on tuesday morning. There has to be something interesting to take a picture of in the photo lab.