Levi was able to drive himself to work this weekend for the first time in a long time. What this meant for me is that I got a sleep in a little bit this morning. It was nice because I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep lately. I was woken up this morning by a knock on the door. I don’t typically answer the door, if it is important they will leave a note. Furthermore, if it is somebody I know they will call me prior to showing up – and, even then, none of my friends know where I live. I was surprised to hear the knocking this morning, I wasn’t expecting anything until next tuesday. I ignored the knock until they left and then I went to check out the window. I saw a FedEx truck parked outside so I assumed it must be the photo paper I ordered this week.

Living in an apartment, missing a FedEx truck isn’t a big deal. They will either leave it on the stoop or if it is a bigger box they will drop it off at the office. I went back to sleep after they left and was woken up again when I heard my door opening. I was startled at first and realized it must have just been Levi coming home from work on his lunch break. He brought us chinese food. It was delicious. After he went back to work, I decided to go pick up my package – it was indeed a giant package of very expensive paper. To my discontent, the package was filled with packing peanuts. The last time packing peanuts entered the apartment they ended up all over the floor – thanks, Bella!

My photography professor asked us to shoot two rolls of film this weekend. I decided to drive downtown and to the waterfront to maybe get some pictures. My apartment is very dark and the lighting is very unflattering, so I prefer to take photos outside. Also, I have nothing nice to take pictures of right now and my apartment is a mess anyway. When I arrived at the water front, I very quickly realized I did not want to be there. I don’t much like going placed without Levi, especially when he is at work. I walked around a little bit, took a picture of a bird, and left. I have a lot of work to do tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow I will try again. It is so dark this time of year that shooting inside is almost impossible, and if I went outside right now I would likely have to use a tripod. It is only three in the afternoon. Fumbling with a tripod is the last thing I want to do by myself in the cold. Usually Levi accompanies me on photography trips – he holds my camera bag a lot of the time and keeps me company.

I hope Levi comes home soon. I miss him a lot when he is gone. I suppose it is good to miss him when he is gone – it makes me that much happier to see him when he comes home. Maybe we can go to a movie or something tonight. We have two tickets lying around that were given on Christmas. I’m not sure there is anything out right now that I am interested in seeing, however. Maybe there is something he would like to see. We always see what I want to see, and never what he wants.

I’m going to go attempt to take some more photos. Maybe my deck looks interesting in black & white. Is it cheating to take a photo on my DSLR in black & white to see?