This week has been very busy. I had my second day of classes today which started out with a headache and a very upset stomach. It wasn’t exactly the best day ever. I spent most of my time in printmaking hunched over the table massaging my forehead. I didn’t get much done at all. In between classes I went home and got some lunch with Levi.

Speaking of Levi, he got his driver’s license this morning. I am proud of him for getting it done. Maybe he will be able to drive himself to his drill weekend this month. That would be nice. I have some work I have to do in the photo lab on saturday for printmaking, it would be nice if I could get as much sleep as possible when I start carving into a piece of linoleum. You know, so I don’t stab myself. But if I still have to drive him this month, I really won’t mind – I like spending time with him.

On the topic of sleep, I haven’t had a single good nights rest this week. It seems that I’ve been sleeping very lightly the last few nights. Maybe I am sick, it would explain the headache and general ickyness I was going through this morning. I hope this doesn’t persist through the weekend. Being sick is really going to impede my performance in my classes. I can’t operate a camera, or a carving tool when my hands are shaking because I am dizzy.

I believe it is time for bed now.