I bought some film for my camera today. Film is very expensive. Even worse, black and white film is difficult to find. I’m hoping I can find a good place to find this stuff. One package of film in an entire store is not very much.

I loaded one of the rolls of film into my camera and took a few pictures. I am excited that I am able to use my camera now. Levi took a picture of me with it. I am interested in seeing how it turned out. He isn’t exactly a camera enthusiast. I think it is fun to see how his pictures turn out. He gets really good ones sometimes. Maybe I will start putting together photo albums with these film photographs. I like the idea of having actual photos. Digital is fun and all, but there is something exciting about film – something exciting about not knowing how that shot will look in the end.

Right now I am watching a war documentary on the National Geographic channel. It is kind of scary. The men in this documentary can’t be much older than I am. It is frightening to see them going through so much. I could never go through what they are going through.

I don’t much like war documentaries. They are always depressing. Interesting, but depressing.