Levi and I love our new panini press so much. We have used it every day this week. It is so great. Levi bought some awkward vegetables to put in his sandwiches, me – I prefer meat and cheese.

We ordered our books and my camera. We are pretty excited for school to start up again. As much as I love being home all the time, I miss doing stuff too. I am excited to get to use a film SLR for the first time as well. I think it will be a lot of fun learning how to develop film and use the camera. The camera was pretty cheap, I opted for the one with the zoom lens for more practicality at the expense of image quality. But hey, it is a beginning black and white film photography course – how good of quality can they expect from the students.

I hope my courses won’t be too difficult, I am hoping for a good quarter after a few bad ones. I am still uncertain about what I plan to do for school. I might still become a nurse, after all. I found that the whole process of starting a business was simply too complicated and risky – it was a huge possibility that in the end I may not even have broken even. I think that maybe sometime later on I may work on starting a photography business. As much as I had hoped it would work out, I think I need to consider other options instead.

I think I am mostly afraid. I don’t know how things will work out and that makes me nervous. I will figure everything out. I hope.