I spoke to my apartment manager about opening a business and she said all I would need to do is get a P.O. box so that I wouldn’t be operating out of the apartment. She also said it was fine so long as I did not have clients over at the house. So with that, all systems are go for me to start getting everything in order to open up my own photography business.

I hope to keep this blog updated as I go, sort of a documentation of opening a business. Right now my main goal is to upgrade my equipment, and start getting a portfolio ready to go. To build up my portfolio, my mother had the brilliant idea for me to offer families and individuals my services for only the cost of printing. I think that I will also offer the services for free if they opt for a DVD only. The stipulation for this would be that they must sign a waiver for me to use their photographs in my portfolio. I will probably seek some legal advice for the drawing up of the waiver. I’m sure it won’t be too expensive to have an attorney write a waiver.

I should have everything ready to go within a year, hopefully. I am still a little nervous about the entire process. To ease my nerves I have been doing a lot of research on starting and running a business. I even bought a book. I don’t know if the book will help at all, but it will look nice on the bookshelf.

I think life is about to get much more exciting for Levi and I. I am happy that I will be able to do something more than spend money and work at a lousy job. I will still have a lousy day job, but I will hopefully be able to start making some serious money. Speaking of serious money, my mother recommended I also do weddings. I am afraid of the idea of shooting weddings still, but I will consider it.