Gak. Slimy, smelly, Gak. So gross yet fun to play with at the same time. Fun until you just happen to notice it seeping out of its bag and into the carpet in your living room – the brand new, never been used by anyone else but you, carpet in your living room, This is the sight I beheld this evening right before we left for dinner. The worst part about this discovery? It had been seeping in to the carpet since the night before had begun to dry. Freaking out, I grabbed the cleaner I use on my wood surfaces in an effort to clean the Gak off of the carpet. This only left me with a spicey smelling mess.

Frantic, Levi and I made our way to the store to pick up some carpet cleaning supplies. Our first attempt at subduing the mess was some normal carpet cleaner. It did and OK job but it definitely left a lot to be desired. Our next attempt was Oxy Clean. That stuff really works. On first application the Oxy Clean solution completely removed the blue dye from the Gak, leaving the Gak a pink color. The second application I noticed even more color leaving the Gak but it still stayed mostly intact. In a last ditch effort I made another application of the Gak and took a hair brush and ran it through the carpet to break up the Gak as the Oxy Clean did its stuff.

The end result of this little adventure was a clean carpet. The Oxy Clean worked very well, and I am very happy I decided to get it. I am unsure about the other stuff but I am pretty much sold on Oxy Clean now. Last time I leave a bag of Gak on the floor.