I’ve decided to begin my camera fund again. Only this time, I have selected a cheaper goal. The 5D mark II was just too expensive for me to be comfortable with the expense. The new camera I have selected is the 7D. The 7D, like the 5D, offers phenomenal image quality compared to other cameras. The differences between the two are pretty important. For one, the 7D doesn’t off the full-frame sensor, so it has a crop factor – and two, the 7D offers a far more advanced focusing system. The 5D performs better in low light but the 7D doesn’t perform badly.

Like with the 5D, I’ve decided to go with the kit instead of just the camera. The lens I have will work with the 7D, but because it is such low quality I might as well upgrade the lens at the same time. While the 7D kit lens isn’t as great as the 5D lens, it is still much better than my current lens. My current lens is really great on a Rebel XS, but it is a travesty of sorts to even consider putting it on the 7D.

In other news, I am pretty sure I will be retaking microbiology, but at the same time I am unsure if nursing is something I even want to do with my life. I am worried what my parents will think if I decide to quit school, or change my career path. My father likes to hang things over my head sometimes to scare me into staying in school. I’m positive I would be able to afford my student loans if I were to stop going to school. Maybe I could start a photography business or something.

Running a business could be difficult. I would have to submit to having my taxes done by somebody for the rest of my life, something that I am not at all opposed too. I hate doing my taxes. All I care about is how much money I am going to get back.

I’m still not sure about everything, there is still a lot I need to figure out. Right now, I am just not feeling school. Anything that has to do with the future scares the crap out of me. Honestly.