So I have decided that since this project isn’t actually benefiting myself much that I am going to abandon it. I feel like my time could be much better spent working on other things than trying to find a picture every day – something that simply wasn’t working out, and was only causing me stress. I feel like I can benefit just as well from reading about photography every day, and taking pictures only sometimes as I can from taking a picture everyday – most of which were not even that great to begin with.

I’m not entirely sure what I am going to do with this extra chunk of time that I will be receiving every night, but I hope to use it to spend time with Levi. As much as I tend to bug him sometimes I am sure he still likes me being there. Also, it annoys him when I am irritated at not being able to find stuff to photograph.

This isn’t me giving up, so much as it is my realizing that at this time in my life I am unable to commit such a huge amount of energy into something that I feel isn’t even necessary. I will, of course, continue to take photographs when I can, and post them, but I will be doing so without as much frequency. Coincidentally, I probably will not be blogging every day like I have been for the last month.

In other words: I quit.